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Wednesday, August 27 with 0 notes

I got a flash if strong “I miss alex” feelings. It’s not okay. I’m gonna have wait to move and I don’t want to wait I just wanna go but I don’t have money or good grades and it’s not fair.

Tuesday, August 26 with 0 notes

School today was nice but getting home to a mother who flat out said “you don’t do anything right” kinda sucked. I need a nap and some ice cream asap.

Monday, August 25 with 2 notes

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Saturday, August 23 with 0 notes

I put on the movie Her because I thought that would be a great idea but now I’m just sadder than I was 20 minutes ago and I’m crying a little and it’s dumb

Saturday, August 9 with 0 notes

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Sunday, August 3 with 2 notes

Officially 18 woop woop

Thursday, July 31 with 1 note

I woke up to a migraine today and I had to miss class. Literately school just started. I hate this.

Monday, July 21 with 0 notes

First day of college was a success.

Monday, July 14 with 1 note