I got a flash if strong “I miss alex” feelings. It’s not okay. I’m gonna have wait to move and I don’t want to wait I just wanna go but I don’t have money or good grades and it’s not fair.

Tuesday, August 26 with 0 notes

School today was nice but getting home to a mother who flat out said “you don’t do anything right” kinda sucked. I need a nap and some ice cream asap.

Monday, August 25 with 2 notes

I put on the movie Her because I thought that would be a great idea but now I’m just sadder than I was 20 minutes ago and I’m crying a little and it’s dumb

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Sunday, August 3 with 2 notes

Officially 18 woop woop

Thursday, July 31 with 1 note

I woke up to a migraine today and I had to miss class. Literately school just started. I hate this.

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First day of college was a success.

Monday, July 14 with 1 note

I start school tomorrow. Oh my god, I’m so scaaareddd.

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I don’t feel like tagging people But I am doing this :P

I was tagged by: theclockstrikesnever
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My Answers:

1-What’s your favorite video game and why?
Fallout 3! Hands Down. I never really get that into video games but this game had me glued to the tv for dayssss. It’s so much fun and I replay it all the time.

2-What’s your favorite past time when you aren’t busy?
Past time

3-Celebrity crush?
Has beens or the last 10 years and will always be Heath Ledger

4-If you had the option of travelling into outer space beyond our galaxy, or travelling into the unexplored depths of the ocean, which one would you choose and why?
Depths of the ocean! I feel like it’d be so scary and also that I’d find more things to study.

5-Do you believe in the supernatural?
Yes. For a while I was iffy but over time I witnessed a crazy thing that can only be explained by the supernatural. The culture here in south Texas does put a lot of emphasis on the supernatural and it’s influence in our daily life and tbh I’m starting to recognize it.

6-Favorite internet video?
As of right now? I don’t know. My humor has changed so much and tbh I just don’t watch internet videos anymore.

7-To you, what is the worst feeling in the world?
It’s a tie between Wanting to go home when you are home and feeling like I’m not doing all I can do.

8-What was the last movie you watched?
Wedding Singer!

9-If you could choose to learn any language and speak and write it fluently, what would you choose and why?
Tie between Spanish and French. Spanish would be super convenient for me right now because a lot of jobs require you to be fluent in Spanish. French is just so I can go to Europe and not come off as a stupid american or whatever.

10-What TV show are you currently watching?
Re-watching x-files and Malcom in the middle.

11-You have the opportunity to go to college without paying any sort of tuition or school fees, and you have the choice to go to any college you want to (even overseas). What college would you go to, and what would you choose to study there?
I don’t know actually, Texas State has always been my first choice. I don’t need much except a good business program. 

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