posted at 12:07 am on Sunday
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Short Boyfriend Appreciation post.You’re perfect like its stupid how well we mesh together. i just wanna be with you all the time and cuddle you till we’re both fast asleep. 

I never feel smart enough, it’s probably because I’m not but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a shit feeling.

Wednesday, April 16 with 0 notes

I need to stop pretending like I don’t constantly want to watch Annie Hall, because it’s 2:31AM and this is the 2nd time I put this on this weekend. I feel like I did the same with Eternal Sunshine but I also feel like this is 10x worse.

Sunday, April 13 with 1 note

I’m not even going to deal with today. Goodnight see everyone tomorrow I am just not okay with today.

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I almost forgot I bought tickets to Road to WrestleMania yesterday and I’m so excited because even though my tickets are really high up my arena is hella small so it’s still nice,plus raising my chance to see The Shield is always great.

Saturday, March 15 with 1 note

I cleaned up my room a bit because I couldn’t sleep. This whole not having a full nights sleep is the worst. I just wanna sleep 10-9 no interruptions is that so much to ask for :c

Friday, March 14 with 0 notes

It’s spring break and I’m up at 6AM because my internal clock fucking sucks balls. I just want to have a full nights sleep just once maybe even a chance to sleep in, is that too much to ask for? Also it’s like stupid cold in my house rn.

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What Alex texted me this weekend

I’m listening to flatsound and I’m just so fucking sad and it’s so fucking addicting but it makes me feel awful and I need to not do this to myself.

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